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Morris & Bailey Stonework is a family owned and operated, full service Masonry company located in Bucks County. With a passion for anything stone, we have experience including everything from patios, fireplaces, walls, and walkways, to creating such items as benches, date stones, carvings, and sculptures. Our specialty is renovations and restorations of 18th and 19th century farmhouses, barns, and outbuildings. We have a great appreciation and dedication to the proper preservation of area structures and properties. Using reclaimed local building stone and Pure Hydraulic Lime Mortars we take pride in using sustainable building techniques and being part of the conservation of our history.


Creating specialty items like benches, birdbaths, datestones, carvings and land sculptures are all possible. We promise to strive for perfection and won't 'cut corners'. We want to work for the most meticulous people who truly appreciate high quality. Give us a look. Thanks!

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